Database of CPB mechanical properties Version 1

Database of CPB mechanical properties Version 1

(maintained by Chongchong Qi and Qiusong Chen; Date of last update: 20/10/2018)

Introduction: This dataset provides the mechanical results from 1,077 uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) tests and 231 uniaxial tensile strength (UTS) tests performed on nine types of tailings. Every three UCS tests or UTS tests were corresponding to one data recording in this dataset as each experimental scheme was conducted for three times. The UCS,  the yield strength (YS), the Young’s modulus (E) and the UTS were collected from mechanical tests and presented in this website. In order that this dataset can be used by the readers, all available information about tailings, experimental design, etc is also provided. Non-commercial reuse of this dataset is unlimited with retention of copyright notice for the authors and the following published paper: 

Qi, C., Chen, Q., Fourie, A., & Zhang, Q. (2018). An intelligent modelling framework for mechanical properties of cemented paste backfill. Minerals Engineering123, 16-27.

This dataset is the lastest version about the mechancial properties of CPB. New tailings is currently being collected to perform more mechanical test and its experimental data will be updated when it is available. Always double-check whether this is a updated one before its utilisation. The nine types of tailings are represented by T1 - T9. This dataset may contain some results from 'Database of CPB unconfined compressive strength Version 1.1' but the tailings labelling might be different.

Table 1. Experimental scheme for each tailings (download here).

Table 2. Physical and chemical characteristics of tailings (download here).

Table 3. Mechanical properties of CPB samples (download here).